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Analysis & opinion for post-graduates

Alan Rawlinson, university teacher from the UK, started on December 15 his 4-day training for the students of Media bo Khalq. He will learn the students the basics of writing an analysis and putting their opinions in a column. The trainer will teach the students about the content of analysis and the difference between analysis and opinion pieces. Students will be trained in how they can build these specific kind of articles and how to make them attractive for the reader.

Documentary at Media bo Khalq

Ako Sirini, a Kurdish filmmaker who lived in Holland for several years, started on December 15 a documentary training for the students of Media bo Khalq. He will learn the students the basics of how to make a good and interesting documentary. Ako will assist the students in the process of making their own documentary.

Distribution centre Sulaymania

All newspapers have problems with distribution. On the one hand they only have a number of shops where they are sold, and transport problems make it impossible to get them to the smaller, far away places on the same day. Job Muller and Frans Robert Buerman, arrived in Sulaymania on December 11, in order to be of help in making a plan for setting up a joint distribution system. They will have meetings with the editors-in-chief of four different newspapers.

Editing at Kurdsat TV

After David van der Pluijm and Paul van Stigt finished their training at Media bo Khalq they went to Sulaymania to improve the skills of the editors of Kurdsat TV. The trainers will be at the television station and will teach the participants on the job. This means they will make little use of classical sessions, but there will be occasional meetings on different subjects with the people who are involved. They started their 5-day training on December 12.

Editing at Media bo Khalq

David van der Pluijm and Paul van Stigt started at December 5th their 5-day training for the TV group of Media bo Khalq. They have there own company named Yogiemonk and are both editors-in-chief. The training will focus on the basics of this specific aspect of TV journalism. The main aim is to improve the knowledge of the students about editing and to make them aware of how they can use this principle to make attractive programs.