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More radio reporting in Irbil

After succesfully ending his radio workshop in Sulay-maniya (all eight participants received a certificate), Dutch radiomaker Joris van de Kerkhof started on January 25th on a second workshop, now in Irbil. Radiomakers from different radiostations in the Kurdish capital joined him at the facilities of Radio Zagros to learn in 5 days how to report for radio. The workshop was organised by IMCK together with the Kurdistan Organisation for Civil Development, and will end at January 29.

How to make a reportage for radio

Nine radio reporters from different stations in Sulaymaniya have started a five day workshop at the IMCK. Dutch trainer (and reporter for national Dutch radio) Joris van de Kerkhof is working with them on making reportages for radio. His main aim is to teach the participants how to use sound in their reports. His co-trainer is Mohsin Adib.

Politics and press workshop for PUK

At the traininghall of IMCK in Sulaymaniya a 5 day training has started for local politicians of PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), on improving relations with the press. What is your message, and how to get it across, was the main subject of the workshops given by Gregor Niessen and Sabina Gazic. Gazic is a member for the Dutch social democrats (PvdA) of the city council of Amsterdam, Niessen has conducted these training both in the Netherlands and in a number of foreign countries. For PUK almost twenty local politicians participate.

Editors in chief meet

Editors in chief of six newspapers in Sulaymaniya met at the IMCK to discuss possibilities of working together on different subjects, and meeting on a more regular bases. During the meeting on January 8 2009 the editors of Awena, Kurdistani Nwe, Hawlati, Lveen, Rojnama and Komal decided on organizing a meeting with colleagues from Irbil and Duhok, to discuss the possibility of working together.