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IMCK storymaker particpants are invited to  Metography - Iraq's first photo agency founded three years ago by photo journalist  Kameran  Najm. The  participants had a lively debate with Metography's photo journalists and were inspired with ideas and  information from Kameran on how they can improve their photo stories.   

Reporting with mobile phone

A new group of 17 participants came to IMCK today to learn about the StoryMaker application. This application enables participants to make items (video and audio) with their mobile phones and upload them to a secure platform. The participants are being trained for 5 days by Khaled Sulaiman, Munaf Ghanim and Ahmed Eljbori. Ahmed was one of the best participants in an earlier StoryMaker group. He joined the IMCK training team after he followed two days Training of Trainers lead by Khidher Domle. IMCK runs the StoryMaker project together with Dutch NGO Free Press Unlimited. StoryMaker has also been launched in Morocco and Egypt and Tunisia. After this training is finished, the 17 participants will go home to practice with StoryMaker. They will come back after one month to discuss their material. IMCK wishes all the new StoryMakers the best.