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Infographics for journalists from all over Iraq

Marc van Willeghagen started January 23 his second infographics training for journalists from all over Iraq. 15 TV-journalists are in Erbil to participate in the 5-day course. The co-trainer was trained in November by Gie Meeuwis in his training of trainers. Part of the course is payed by Irex and it takes place at Irex in Erbil.

Infographics at Irex

Marc van Willeghagen started his 5-day infographics for TV training for Kurdish participants of different media outlets on January 16. Because infographics are hardly used the Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan and Irex Iraq work together in this workshop for editors who want to learn to make info graphics. The program will be set up as a workshop to teach on the basis of the work participants create.

Journalists and politicians in debate

On December 23 IMCK the last phase of the 'bringing press and politicians together' took place. . Journalists were be invited to tell the politicians how they would ideally like to see the relationship develop between themselves and politicians and vice-versa. Asos Shafeek, former employee of the ministry of youth and sport, moderated the one day during conference between politicians and journalists.