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Khaled and Khidher on Human Rights in Erbil

Last Friday we started up a five day course in Erbil to improve the quality of human rights reporting. Journalists from TV, radio, print and human rights groups attend the IMCK training centre. They are trained in human rights and minority rights reporting by IMCK trainers Khaled Sulaiman and Khidher Domle. The participants are taught how to write human and minority rights stories, coming from their own communities. More pictures of this training are to be found on Facebook .

Kick off women’s training in Kalar

With more than 20 enthusiastic young women from Kalar and the surrounding region, the 4 week basic journalism training was opened yesterday. The major of the Garmiyan region, Mr. Salah Kwekha, and representatives of the Department of Culture were present during the grand opening of this course IMCK organized with great help from Western Zagros. Over the past weeks the participating women have been recruited. Several radio stations and media offices send participants who are eager to become journalists. The first training day was kicked off by IMCK lead trainer Khaled Sulaiman, who explained to the participants that this first week is all about news. What is news and where does it come from? A flying start of a first training week! Pictures can be found on Facebook