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Guest trainer in Oil Workshop

Ben Lando (left on the picture), who leads the Iraqi Oil Report website, came to Sulaymaniya as a guest trainer for two days in the workshop on reporting on oil issues that runs in the mediacentre. Lando is an international journalist who set up the website to report on issues related to oil in Iraq. He will be involved in network meetings that IMCK is organising in the coming months for the participants of the training.

Oil workshop started

International trainer James Gavin started on Sunday March 27, 2011 a special workshop in the Sulaymaniya training hall of IMCK. For seven days he will give Kurdish reporters more knowledge and background information on oil issues. Specials guests will be invited, like Bnar Salah who works for one of the oil companies active in Kurdistan (photo below, with trainer James Gavin). The training is meant to help Kurdish media to report in a better and more varied way about oil. Human stories that have a connection to oil in Iraq will get special attention. Gavin is a specialized journalist from Great Britain. The workshop is made possible with funding from the Open Society Institute.

IMCK takes part in donor conference

IMCK director Judit Neurink participated on March 24 in Amman in the Iraq Donor Conference, organised by the Danish organisation International Media Support. Different donors for media and media-organisations discussed the present situation in Iraq and the consequences for the media, the needs of media and ways for the organisations to coordinate and cooperate. Other representatives in the meeting, apart those from IMCK and IMS, were from Open Society Institute, Unesco, the Swedish embassy in Baghdad, Internews, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Press Now and Irex.

Radio for Media bo Khalk

International trainers Rommert Kruithof and Robert Baltus used the last days of their stay in Kurdistan to provide the students of IMCK's post graduate training Media bo Khalk with an introduction to radio. As the visit of the planned trainer had been posponed because of the unrest in the region, the two ex-radiomakers joined the MbK-students on March 2 and 3, 2011 to talk about making radio. The students were taught about eye witness reports on radio, and discussed how to make an hour of radio that is interesting for different groups.