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How to make an info graphic

Info graphics can help the reader and viewer to understand information better. They show numbers and statistics in a graphic way. Info graphics make (news)papers and TV bulletins more interesting and informative. That is why IMCK started, in cooperation with Irex, a 8 day workshop in Irbil on info graphics. On May 24 Dutch trainer Karin Timmerman opened the workshop for 13 Kurdish designers and journalists, who are very 'computer literate'. She works with them on Adobe Illustrator. Participants come from newspapers, sites and TV stations all over Iraqi Kurdistan. The training takes place at the computer room of Irex in Irbil. Timmerman is working as a graphic designer at the Dutch daily Trouw. Her co-trainer/translator is Kurdish journalist Ako Muhamed.

IMCK party for official opening

About thirty 'friends of IMCK' came to the mediacentre in Sulaymaniya in May 14, 2009 to celebrate the official opening of the Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan with the staff and part of the board. Chair woman Perwa Ali remembered in her opening speech how many projects have been finished successfully in the past year, since the start in April 2008 - around 30 so far. Trainers Nafiss Nia and Sabina Gazic revealed the new sign of IMCK, by which from now on the organisation can be recognised from the outside. The logo of IMCK has been designed by the British lettering artist Annet Stirling. A similar party will be held for relations of IMCK in Irbil and Duhok on May 28, in Irbil.

Scenario writing at Kurdsat

Writing a scenario is the first step to a successful documentary. Seven TV-makers at Kurdsat started on May 12, 2009 on a workshop on scenario writing. Trainer is Nafiss Nia, a TV-maker from Holland. She will train them on choosing ideas for documentaries, writing and rewriting a scenario, what works for TV and what does not. The workshop runs till May 16.

PUK women through the ceiling

How play a more visible role inside the party, and how to get through the glass ceiling. Those are questions raised during a 5 day workshop for around 20 women inside PUK, which started on May 11, 2009, at the provincial PUK office in Sulaymaniya. Trainers are Sabina Gazic (member of the Amsterdam city council) and Gregor Niessen (trainer on political cadres in different countries).

Civil journalism for Komala

IMCK commenced a training for the Iranian Kurdish organisation Komala. On Monday May 3rd, 2009 IMCK-trainers Nafiss Nia and Judit Neurink started a 5 day training in civil journalism at the Komala camp just outside Sulaymaniya. The two before teamed up trained journalists in Iran in 2006. Nia is a Dutch/Iranian journalist, TV-maker, poet and writer, and she also did workshops for journalists in Afghanistan for Press Now. Part of the training will be done by Goran Baba Ali, a Dutch/Kurdish journalist working on websites (mainly Ex-ponto). At the workshop at the Komala camp 17 journalists and media workers attended. They will be working on news, interview and reportage. Komala has its own TV-station and newspaper.