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Saying goodbye is never easy

Cake at the closing of the StoryMaker training on Monday. For two reasons; to celibrate a successful training and to say goodbye to trainer Khaled Sulaiman who has worked with IMCK for 3 years. We congratulate Khaled with his new job and wish him all the best. Saying goodbye is never easy, but IMCK is thankful for all the good times we had together!

Stories in Process

After training them in the use of the StoryMaker application, our first group of StoryMaker students returned to IMCK for a 4 day follow-up. StoryMaker enables you to make a journalistic report with a mobile phone and to upload this report in a safe way. Using StoryMaker, you have got your journalistic equipment with you all the time and can report whenever you come across a story or event. The best StoryMaker reports will be published on our website as well, so keep posted! More pictures of this training are to be found on facebook .

Shall I tweet my Facebook status?

See how your friends are doing, letting people know what you are up to, posting some pictures ... what do you use Social Media for? IMCK runs a 3 day training in Sulaymaniyah on Social Media to show journalists how many more possibilities there are. Social Media can be very important to journalists, to find sources, connect to people, build a network, spread news and find news. In this training, lead by trainers Sardasht Aziz, Baheer and Mustafa, the use of Facebook and Twitter for journalists is explained. The trainers also pay attention to online safety. More pictures of this training are to be found on the IMCK Facebook page.