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What can people do to protect the environment? That is a big question in the 3 day environment awareness training that started in IMCK’s office in Sulaymaniyah. The training was opened on Sunday by IMCK director Julia Shaw. The Director of the Environment Department of Sulaymaniyah, Mr Hama Saeed, and Mr. Khaled Ibrahim, the Spokesman of the Environmental Protection and Improvement Board. The main subjects of the training were desertification, biodiversity and water management. Various experts (Amanj Omer from Green Kurdistan and Dr. Dairy, the head of Geology Department of the College of Science, Sulaymaniyah University) informed the participants about the subjects and IMCK lead trainer Khaled Sulaiman taught the trainees how to translate these topics into journalistic reports. 'Reduce, reuse, recycle and repair' is a slogan, and a message, that fits the training, because working towards a better environment starts with yourself. Everyone could and should be a guar