Workshops for assaish and press

At the training hall of the assaish in Sulayma-niya the first workshop of a series started to help the security police to work in a better way with the press. IMCK organised five workshops of a day for different staff at assaish after reports on a number of incidents between assaish and press. For Kurdistan to become a healthy democracy, both assaish and press must know their roles and limits.

Trainer is Dutch police trainer Agnes Dinkelman, who worked with police in different parts of the world, most recently in Liberia. She will be assisted in the second part of the days by Kurdish journalist Yahya Barzinji, who tells them about the effect of harsh treatment for journalists.

The series will be repeated for the assaish in Erbil. These first nine workshops are a pilot to a bigger project covering most of the assaish staff in Kurdistan.


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