IMCK's latest training in social media comes to an end today.

15 participants from all over Iraq - Anbar, Babylon, Karballa, Kirkuk, Wasit, Mosul, and Baghdad traveled to Sulaymaniya to learn how to use the internet and social media for serious journalism. 

 Security is a big feature of the workshop - how to use facebook and twitter safely and professionally to gather news and to broadcast news.  The training is supported by Hivos, the Dutch humanist international development organisation.  

Participants came from print and online media, civilian journalists civil society organisations. 

Mustafa Al-Ani co-ordinated the training and the two trainers - Bahar Jassim and Mustafa Saad both trained by IMCK supported by Hivos, led the three day workshops.

The partipants presented  IMCK with a plaque of appreciation.

IMCK Director Julia Shaw closed the workshop and presented the certificates.


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