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The Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan works to develop media and empower minorities and women in Iraq. IMCK offers training to journalists of all media, consultancy to editors and management, workshops for photographers, Internet courses for newspaper sites and Media training to politicians. In 2009 IMCK started his first postgraduate course, Media bo Khalk, for students from the whole of Iraq.

(( المركز الاعلامي المستقل في كردستان منظمة تهتم بتطوير الاعلام وقضايا الاقليات والمرأة في العراق))

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The training on Social media for Kurdish Journalists
Sullaymaniya February 2015

In order to help Kurdish journalists IMCK organized training for journalists about “Social media for Kurdish Journalists”: Sullaymaniya 11, 12, 13 February.
The content of the training:
Before we beginning of the training I sent the email for 350 persons when they work on TV, Radio, websites, newspape.and there are 38 persons sent to us CV, after that we chose him. Who is they need and will be interesting about the training finely we selected 14 Journalists
The Journalists from
One in Erbil
One in Darbandikhan
One in Sharazwer, and eleven from Sulaimanyah .
Trainer: Sardasht Aziz
Days of the training: 3 days.
In the first day of the training the trainer talked about Facebook and how you create own page and the list it will be easy for Journalists to put the subjects and the article on a page to see people in an easy way.
In the second day, they continue facebook page till 12 pm after launch they started another subject it was Twitter ,the trainer taught them how create account on Twitter ,so many of participants they had not account on Twitter its new for them. 

In the third day, the training about security and how you protect your account and your email from Hacker and virus. All participant liked this subject and they said it will be great if you will do another training because this subject it will not finishing by just one day.
My remarks like coordinator
  •   Not all the participants were journalists. Some of them were NGO’s activists,but they working in website for the NGO, Reporter, students for media , photographers.

  A participants attende IMCK/Sulaimanyah

As the other training that I did with IMCK, the participant seems to be happy and ready to know new information about  social media and online security.
Actually I was happy with the participants and  So after finishing training most of them told me “we are so happy about the training”. One of the participants is the head of sulaimanyah  traffic media has told me “when I came to this training I felt that it is like others in kurdistan they are routine discussion about topics of trainings, but now I am happy with the information I get in this training”  and he asks me to tell him about  next  training in IMCK.

In brief I think most of the journalist in Kurdistan have a problem with internet security, so IMCK can do some training about it and it’s a good work for IMCK.
    One of the participants is the head of sulaimanyah  traffic media has told me “when I        came to this training I felt that it is like others in kurdistan they are routine.