Thursday, 16 January 2014

Start training for Iraqi Journalists on Ethnic and Religious minorities.

In order to raise awareness among journalists of the importance of minorities in Iraq and Kurdistan, IMCK has started its first (out of three) workshop(s) on minorities in Iraq. Journalist, writer and trainer Sa’ad Salloum opens the first session by introducing the journalists to the different topics that are related to the rich diversity that can be found in Iraq's ethnic, cultural and religious landscape. 

Most of the participant are, besides journalist, belonging to a minority group themselves.

At this first day, Sa'ad  has lectured on, inter alia, the complexities and problems of  minorities in Iraq, minorities rights in Iraqi law and the possible implications of the International Human Rights Declaration.

>IMCK likes to thank the British Foreign & Common Wealth Office and the British Embassy in Iraq for funding this workshop<

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Knowledge Awareness Workshop on the Oil Industry

The first part of IMCK workshop on Knowledge Awareness of Oil and Gas finishes in Kalar

Ali Ghazi from Nature Iraq explains how oil and gas impact on the environment and IMCK journalism trainer Khaled Suleiman helps the journalists develop story ideas.


Part 2 of the workshop is in Sulaymaniya in December.  Experts on  oil and gas will give information to help journalists become more specialized on the topic. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

IMCK returns to Kalar!

Journalists specializing in reporting on oil and gas begin a four day training workshop in Kalar.

Each day an expert gives a presentation on  the topic, and journalists work to develop story ideas.

Journalists are from the main TV Radio  Newspapers and Internet websites in the Garmiyan Region, Sulaymaniya and Erbil.
Today they learn how oil fields are developed and oil is taken from the ground.

The workshop  is supported by Western Zagross.