IMCK and Statt run a series of workshops on Illegal migration from Iraq  and the effects on the families left behind.

50 thousand Iraqis have been refused asylum in Europe with nearly 13 thousand Iraqis applying for asylum in 2012  in the EU  (UNHCR data).

IMCK trains journalists to practice responsible, ethical journalism and to broaden their news agenda to write about a broader range of topics.   There will be a prizes for the best stories produced from the workshops.

In the first series of workshops,  ended today,  participants came from Sulaymaniya, Chomchomal, Ranyia, Qaladzia, Arbat and Saed Sardq.

The workshops are supported by Statt  Consulting who provides an expert trainer to give information about illegal migration.  IMCK social media trainer teaches the participants how to use the internet and social media for  news sources and IMCK lead journalist trainer Khallid Suleiman works with the journalists on how to make interesting stories on the subject of illegal migration.


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