Photojournalists go local

While it is getting warmer and warmer outside, we hit off our training for photojournalists in Sulaymaniyah this morning.
The training is organized together with STATT, the main subject is illegal migration, how to use that subject as a photo journalist and another question that is discussed during the training is 'how do you turn global, international, news into relevant local stories?'

It is a 2 day workshop that ran in Erbil yesterday and the day before and is now repeated in Sulaymaniyah.
The trainer is Hossein Fatemi, an Iranian photographer who is based both in Tehran and London and whose work includes international photo journalism in Somalia, Mogadishu, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Goran Lohan from STATT attended both workshops to give a presentation on the subject of illegal immigration.
More pictures of these two trainings are to be found on Facebook.


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