KirkukNow reporter released

As published on on 25-04-2013:
Moments ago, the Kirkuk Now reporter in Hawija, Yassin Abdulrazaq Ahmad was freed with a number of other detainees, after they have been handed over to the Hawija police by the military.

One of the family members of Yassin Abdulrazaq confirmed Yassin’s release along with the other detainees.
Yassin Abdularazq Ahmad has been working for Kirkuk Now since its establishment, and he was arrested on April 20 by military forces before the attack on the demonstrator’s camp in Hawija on Tuesday, April 23.
Apart from repetitive attempts by Kirkuk Now’s administration for freeing the reporter through concerned parties, Kirkuk Now published announcements saying “Yassin Abdulrazaq has been illegally arrested without the court’s order by forces of the 12th division of the Iraqi army, and the act was in violation of the human rights and global journalists’ regulations.”


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