KirkukNow reporter arrested

As posted on KirkukNow, on April 20, 2013:

Members of the 12th division of the Iraqi Army have arrested Kirkuk Now’s reporter Yassin al-Sabawi in Hawija.

One of the family member’s of the reporter told Kirkuk Now “Today, April 20, a military force of the Iraqi army has arrested Yassin al-Sabawi late in the evening and took him to an unknown destination.”

The Kirkuk Now editor-in-chief, Salam Omer is demanding that the 12th division of the Iraqi Army release Yassin al-Sabawi, and he called the Kirkuk Provincial Council to try their best for Yassin’s release.
Kirkuk Now is an independent news website, publishing the latest news about Kirkuk province in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and English.

Yassin al-Sabawi


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