Documentary Festival 'illusion of Paradise' continues

Firman Abdul-Rahman has won the award for best documentary at the festival: 'Illusion of Paradise' that IMCK organizes together with STATT and the Ministry of Culture.

He is one of the three documentary makers who, after a training with IMCK and STATT, was selected to make his documentary.
The other two were Nawa Latif and Luqman Sherwany. All three documentaries were shown during the festival yesterday.

This afternoon at four, the second festival day starts. Now with a selection of international documentaries. We will screen:
- Smugglers Paradise: A documentary on how people smugglers keep expanding their business network in Indonesia and Australia.

- Salma: A two minute documentary by filmmaker San Saravan based on a true story that shows the journey of a female asylum seeker.
- In This World: A documentary drama which follows two young Afghan asylum seekers looking for a better future in the United Kingdom.
- Ongoing Tragedy: A Kurdish returnee talks about how he was rescued during a boat wreck en route to Europe.

Further on, besides the documentaries there is an exhibition with photostories and paintings from art students. A jury has selected the best painting, the winner will be announced at the end of the festival, around 7.30 pm tonight.
More pictures of the festival can be found on facebook.


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