Rain and mud hit Environment Workshop

Winter starting early in Kurdistan had its effects on the opening van the second part of the Environment Workshop by IMCK and Nature Iraq on November 12, 2012. The workshop started in the Eco Camp of Nature Iraq in Mergapan, outside Sulaymaniya, but had to be moved to the IMCK training hall in Sulaymaniya because of the heavy rain.

The walk on the Piramygroon mountain that was planned as part of the first day, had to be canceled because of the muddy and slippery conditions of the terrain.

The workshop started with British expert Tony Miller (of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh) talking about deforestation and the results for the mountains of Kurdistan.

International trainer is Jan Michael Ihl, and he is seconded by co-trainer Shwan Mohamed, as lead training Khaled Sulaiman was away for urgent family reasons.The website Nature Now that is made for the workshop will be renewed with the stories that derive from this workshop. 

The workshops are possible thanks to funding by the American Consulate in Erbil.
Pictures of the workshop are on Facebook.


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