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When is the last time you read a story on the environment? I bet it is too long ago. This is why IMCK organized two 4 day workshops on environment, in close cooperation with Iraq own Greenpeace, Nature Iraq. There is a need for more journalists who write about the environment in order to create more awareness. Environment is something to treasure, to save and protect for the future.

The first workshop started on October 8, 2012 at the IMCK training room in Erbil with a group of over twenty participants. A selection of 15 of them will be invited to also join the second 4 day workshop in November in the Eco Camp of Nature Iraq in Sulaymaniya.

The training started with two experts: Lisa Hilleke on water issues, and Azam Alwash, the chairman of Nature Iraq, on the general environmental situation in Iraq. The trainers representing IMCK are international trainer Jan Michael Ihl and our lead trainer Khaled Sulaiman. Translator is Goran Sabah.

The workshops are made possible with funding through the American Consulate in Erbil.
A weblog will be made from the material produced during the workshop. More pictures can be found on Facebook.


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