Documentaries on illegal immigration

Documentary maker Nafiss Nia started a two day training at IMCK in Sulaymaniya, on making documentaries on illegal immigration. Twelve documentary makers, from Kurdish TV-stations and freelancers, took part.

The project is a cooperation between IMCK and STATT, and should lead to a documentary festival on the subject in Erbil in December 2012. After the workshop all will be invited to submit a synopsis, of which the best three will be chosen. Those thee documentary makers get a small fund to help make a documentary based on their synopsis. These will be shown at the festival that is organised in coordination with the Kurdistan Ministry of Culture.

Nia is a returning trainer for the IMCK. She is a poet and a documentary maker in the Netherlands, her latest documentary is widely acclaimed in the Netherlands and elsewhere.
More photos of the course can be found on facebook.


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