Together Mosul 2

IMCK started on June 24 with a second workshop for journalists from Mosul. The workshop on news and feature writing will last for five days in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan. International trainer Wendelmoet Boersema and local co-trainer Khaled Suleiman give the workshop to 18 participants from different backgrounds, such as Kurds, Arabs, Christians and Yazidi. The workshop aims to boost the expertise of attending journalists and to create an awareness of the role media can play within the complex situation of Mosul and of the consequences reports can have in the often intense situation.

Mosul is the hotbed of Iraq, where Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and the different minority groups clash and where a big part of the city is under Islamic control. The terrorist groups are controlling a part of the province as well as the city. Journalists from outside do not go to this area. Mosul is a dangerous place for journalists. Many of them have to work incognito, always afraid of abduction and revenge. Yet Mosul journalists need to know more about the basics of journalism, and most importantly, about how to make sure they are not used by parties or groups to set up people against each other.

On june 10, IMCK organized a workshop for Mosul journalist on developing basic expertise in news-journalism in TV. The US Department of State has made these two workshops possible.

For more pictures of this two-part training see our Facebook. Also information on other workshops can be found on the same page.


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