See the small news!

International trainer Pamela Williams started, on Monday June 4, with the training of KirkukNow reporters. The message she delivers to the reporters is to focus on the small news. Not only big political issues are relevant to the people of Kirkuk. Rather the small news that's close to the people is often more interesting and has a bigger and more direct impact on the lives of the citizens.

The workshop for the reporters lasts one day in the training hall of the IMCK office in Sulaymaniya. The rest of the week Pamela Williams will train the editing staff of KirkukNow. IMCK is trying to make the staff and website of KirkukNow more professional. In a previous training Marco Visser was a big help in updating the website. The next step has been made by training the reporters.

KirkukNow is an independent news site for all people in Kirkuk and for everyone who is interested in unbiased news and information about Kirkuk province. KirkukNow reports in four different languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Turkman, and English in an attempt to make the site accessible for everyone in Kirkuk and for people outside of the area.

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