Presentation of 'Iraqi Treasures'

Wednesday June 27, IMCK organized a presentation and a discussion panel at Erbil based Aras Publishers for the new book 'Iraqi Treasures' (Kunuz al-Iraq), which explores the subject of the natural resources in the country.

The discussion panel consisted out of Avin Omer, a member of the oil and gas committee in the Kurdistan parliament, IMKC-trainer, journalist and supervisor of 'Iraqi Treasures' Khaled Suleiman, and advisor for the region's cabinet of ministers Ahmed Mufti. 

The discussion was mainly on transparancy. On the one hand journalists cannot get the information on oil issues because the Oil Ministry in Erbil does not have a spokesman and Minister Ashti Hawrami is difficult to catch for journalists. Also the year reports of the Ministry are in English, as are the oil contracts. Against that was said that journalists should learn languages, and that they have to work to get and understand information, and they have to work to get and understand information. The figures of contracts are difficult to understand, so you need to research to have all the information in such a way that it makes sense.

'Iraqi Treasures' is a collection of articles that were produced during three workshops that were organized by IMCK with the participation of Misalla organization, the journalists of Kirkuk, and IPA organization. Khaled Suleiman supervised and edited the stories. The book discusses several issues like oil, gas and water in Iraq.


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