Media bo Khalk3 closed

The third edition of IMCK's post graduate course Media bo Khalk/Media for People ended on Sunday June 17, 2012 with a ceremony at the Safeer Hotel in Erbil. The 22 participants of the course received their certificates out of the hands of Nawzad Hadi, the governor of Erbil, Sasan Awni of the KDP organisations bureau and Stephane Tellier of the French Cultural Centre.

Governor Nawzad Hadi announced in his speech his support for the course, after IMCK directeur Judit Neurink explained how difficult it is to find the funding - while at the same time more than half of all the students of the different Media bo Khalk courses are now working in journalism. Of Media bo Khalk 3 already a number of the students found a job as a journalist with one of the Iraqi media outlets.

Former minister of Anfal and Martyrs, Chnar Saad Abdullah, who now leads the KDP Organisations Bureau, talked about the importance of good media for parties in Iraq, while IMCK board member and former editor in chief Kawa Mohammed looked at the enormous growth of media since 2003.

Trainers in Media bo Khalk 3 were Khaled Sulaiman (lead trainer, who also lead the ceremony), Ako Mohammed (print) and Aram Saeed (TV), who were seconded by international trainers and some local trainers on some specialized subjects.

The course was funded by Open Society Institute and Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani. The British Falmouth College University and the Doha Centre for Media Freedom supported the course by sending trainers.

More pictures of the ceremony at IMCK's Facebook page.


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