Social media training

On 6 May 2012, IMCK started with a training on social media for journalists in Iraq. Social media are conquering the Middle East - and also Iraq. After the start of the demonstrations of 2011 many young people started using Facebook. Journalists are also an active group on the social network website. Still Iraqi journalists use social media mostly privately, exchanging opinions, Youtube links and pictures. Yet the power of social media for journalists lies in extending ones network, gathering news and sources, and simply be more connected to the world. The professional use of social media has not yet found ground in Iraq. Twitter for example, popular elsewhere in the world and in many ways regarded a useful for journalists, has hardly entered the Iraqi (journalists) scene yet.

Therefore IMCK wants to train Iraqi journalists to become more Internet savvy. The journalists will learn how to work with sources that are available online, become more modern in their way to find stories and news. In present day Iraqi journalists are very dependent on political sources. They report mostly on political issues, while the attention for stories about 'normal' people are neglected. By using networks like Facebook and Twitter, they will find more informal sources and at the same time subjects that have a closer relation to what is of interest to the Iraqi population.

International trainer Marco Visser will give the training. He works as an internet specialist for the website of one of the mostly read newspaper in the Netherlands, and has conducted multiple workshops before for IMCK. He will be assisted by local co-trainer Sardasht Aziz.

Both Facebook and Twitter give tips and trics online on how to use their networks for journalistic professional use. See the following links: Twitter for Newsrooms and Facebook + Journalists.

The workshop has been made available by IREX. See our Facebook for more pictures and information on workshops IMCK has conducted.


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