Photography and illegal immigration

May 8 and 9, IMCK will start in cooperation with STATT a photography workshop on illegal immigration in Sulaymaniya. Many young people in Iraqi Kurdistan want to leave the country. But as visas are hard to come by, many use smugglers and buy passports with a visa. This illegal immigration has many bad consequences. Therefore IMCK wants to inform Kurdish photographers, journalists and bloggers about the problems, and organize a documentary festival and a photo exhibition on the subject.

The photography workshop will be the first step in the project on illegal immigration for Kurdish media. Photographers have been invited to participate on how to make a good photo story. Eddy van Wessel, a Dutch photographer who has won international prizes, will come to work with fifteen participants from Iraqi Kurdistan. IMCK tries to improve the quality of the media in Iraq.

STATT will be involved by providing experts on illegal immigration, who will provide the background information and expand the knowledge of the participants on the subject. Issues like data on illegal immigration from Iraq, the risks of the journey, the consequences of forced return to Iraq, and the opportunities for those who voluntarily return to Iraq will be covered. 

After the workshop, the photographers are invited to prepare photo stories on illegal immigration for an exhibition in June 2012. Prizes will be awarded. More information is soon to follow.

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