Visiting Kurdish media

On 16 April 2012 Arabic and Kurdish students of Media bo Khalk, the IMCK postgraduate course in journalism, had a field trip in Sulaymaniya. Most of the media are based in the cultural capital of Kurdistan. The excursion was organized to visit four media outlets, so the students could experience the real working atmosphere of media. They got to build on their network by meeting editors-in-chief and other people in the industry. And they learned about the challenges they might face as real journalists. It was a good experience for the students who will start their in internship in the beginning of May 2012 at a variety of media outlets.

The group of seventeen journalists in training were welcomed by PUK Media, Awena newspaper, NRT and Kurdsat TV.

The first visit was with Karwan Anwar, the editor-in-chief of PUK Media and vice chairman of the Journalists Syndicate in Sulaymaniyah. Karwan explained the workings of the PUK website, for example that they operate in five different languages: Kurdish, Arabic, English, Russian and Kurmanji Kurdish. The students were shown the office and were told about the other media that belong to the PUK party. A remarkable topic was the rise of electronic media, which Karwan described as "the death of paper".

Shwan Mohammed, the editor-in-chief of the independently operating newspaper Awena, welcomed the students. They learned about how news is being made from the moment of the event till it is read by the customer. Awena can be independent, because they have their own printing machine. Shwan Mohammed talked about the challenges the newspaper faces. One of them is the rise of electronic media.

At NRT TV the students met with television-presenter Shwan Adil. He took them on a tour through the building and explained briefly about all the departments of the TV-station. The students were impressed by the modern equipment and the workings of the station, especially because it was heavily destroyed after being set on fire during the protests in Sulaymaniya last year.

The last visit was to Kurdsat TV. This trip was organized with Amanj Kamal, Director of Kurdsat, and resembled the previous visit. The group viewed the montage room, live news studio, chroma key studio, and met with some reporters and presenters.

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