Training for KDP organisations finished

The second part of the workshop to improve the media of the KDP organisations for students, youths, scientists and women has been finalized on the second of April 2012. In total twelve participants received an IMCK certificate. 

IMCK offered two workshops of three days in Erbil to make the media of the KDP organisations more attractive for the target groups they are meant for. During the first workshop the focus was on the current quality of the publications, and to asses what the participants needed. Through giving them tips and lectures IMCK improved the skills of the attendees for the second workshop. The second set of three days was conducted to evaluate the changes since the first workshop.
IMCK's senior trainers Khidher Domle and Ako Mohammed worked with the participants on improving the quality of stories, and choosing stories that are more interesting for their readers. One of the KDP-participants said: "I learned the importance of short-news, journalistic photos and selecting good headlines and core questions." 

 For pictures of the workshop see our Facebook.


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