How important is fashion to you?

This is one of the questions presenter Ahmed Thgeel asks to students from Jamia University in Baghdad for Furat TV.

Ahmed, a former student from the IMCK postgraduate course Media bo Khalk (Media for People) has started working as a presenter for the satellite channel since the beginning of 2012. IMCK is happy to see that a big part of its students finds work in the media industry.

It was very soon clear that Ahmed has a talent for presenting. Mustafa Al-Ani, co-trainer in the course, says: "Ahmed has a natural presence on screen. He was never afraid of the camera, and talked very freely. Also from his choice of topics in presenting I noticed he was always close to the people of Iraq."

In the program Ahmed is joined by again a former student of Media bo Khalk, Mohammed Monica. Mohammed, a freelance filmmaker, is this time in front of the camera as a guest on the show of Furat TV. His interview is in the 22 minute of the programme.

The theme of the show is about fashion at universities. Boys and girls in Iraq, just like in any other place, care a lot about their appearance. See in the show how one tries to attract the other.

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