Lecture at assaish in Sulaymaniya

Journalists and security police, they both work for the Kurdish people, was the message IMCK director Judit Neurink delivered to middle management of the security police (assaish) in Sulaymaniya on March 13, 2012.The role of journalists is to inform the people, like the role of police is to protect the people.

About forty heads of units and departments from Sulaymaniya province were present during the lecture at the headquarters of assaish in the centre of Sulaymaniya. Neurink, who was seconded by IMCK's Saman Penjwini, talked about the roles of both police and press in a democratic society, and about the regulations put down in the press law on how journalists should be treated. Preventing them from taking pictures or making interviews is not in accordance with that law.

IMCK is working with the Kurdish Syndicate of Journalists and assaish to improve the awareness about the safety of journalists. Part of this is the orange Press jacket that has been presented, and the development of a riot card.


You could say that in a democratic society. Not in Kurdistan though. Where are the killers of the last years demonstration?
I am afraid that in Kurdistan, police and Asaish forces are no better than Asad's regime when it comes to protecting those in power.

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