Editors in Chief visit women training

Editors in chief of Iraqi media visited on March 14th the workshop 'Women on the front pages!'. IMCK and international trainer Harriet Salm presented a two newspapers (with two front pages) in Kurdish and Arabic covering only women issues made by the female participants.

The main goal was to convince and make the editors in chief aware of the importance of women issues on the front pages of newspapers. Women as an extra target group (almost 60 percent of all Iraqi's is female) can be the cause of an increase in revenues by selling more copies.

The editors in chief or representatives present on the last day of the workshop were Karwan Anwar (PUK media), Cheman Musa (Avro), Abdul Razaq (Paymner), Luqman Ghafur (Kurdistani Nwe) and Adnan Said Husen (Rudaw).

After seven days of training thirteen female participants were rewarded with an IMCK certificate. They learned how to write for a broader public, and how to recognize women stories that are worthy of the front pages. During the course the women went out into the streets of Sulaymaniya to find stories on women issues and do interviews.

The workshop started on March 7, 2012 at the traininghall of IMCK in Sulaymaniya. The 14 participants for the course came from all over Iraq, and the training was taught in Kurdish and Arabic. Co-trainers Koral Noori and Khidher Domle  made sure all the participants understand and digest the material offered. The workshop has been made possible through support of the British consulate in Erbil.


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