IMCK at conference Kurdistani Nwe

IMCK-director Judit Neurink was invited on the 9th of January 2012 to speak at a conference held by Kurdistani Nwe. The occasion was the 20th anniversary of the Kurdish newspaper. Present besides IMCK were the editors-in-chief of the four main newspapers in Kurdistan. From left to right on the picture below: Stran Abdulla (Kurdistani Nwe), Kemal Raoof (Hawlati), Shwan Mohammed (Awena), the moderator and Judit Neurink with IMCK-translator Yad Raoof Jalal. Not seen on the picture is Ako Mohammed of Rudaw newspaper. 

The invitees talked about the challenges that journalism and media face, now and in the future. One topic of concern was the growing competition by the Internet. Judit Neurink focused among other things in her speech on the difficulties of getting young people interested in journalism in Kurdistan.

Watch the video below to see the speech.


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