Media bo Kalk 3 is opened

Media bo Khalk, the post graduate course  in journalism by IMCK was opened officially in Erbil, on Sunday November 13, 2011. The Dutch embassador Jeroen Roodenburg opened the course together with two former students of earlier editions of Media bo Khalk.

Roodenburg made a comparison of diplomats and journalists and concluded that they both are curious, they report and they care about people. The difference is their public, as diplomats are reporting in confidentiality.

The Assistent Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs of KRG, dr Didar Zebari, spoke of his support for IMCK in setting up an important training course for journalists like Media bo Khalk. As did former KRG minister Chnar Abdullah, who pointed to the importance of professional journalism for the development of Iraq.

IMCK board member Rebin Rasul explained the importance of good education for starters in journalism, from his own experience when working for the Kurdish newspaper Hawlati.


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