Radio training at Germian radio station in Kalar

International trainer Joris van de Kerkhof started a 3 day training at Radio Garmiyan in Kalar. Van de Kerkhof, who is a reporter and trainer working at NOS Radio in the Netherlands, has trained with the IMCK in Iraqi Kurdistan for several times. The training which started on September 12, will take place on the job at the radiostation.

Radio Garmiyan in Kalar is a part of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, but does not want to be involved in politics. The goal of the station is to stimulate civil journalism and focuss on education.

The station was set up in 1997 and has 17 people working for it, as well as several volunteers. The station broadcasts 12 hours a day in both Kurdish, Arabic, Farsi and English. It is the most popular radio station in Kalar.

According to Joris van de Kerkhof  "it was very rewarding to see the new knowledge directly applied."


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