Info graphics for TV editors

International trainer Ceasare Schuit started a workshop on making info graphics for TV for editors of TV stations in Baghdad and other Arab Iraqi towns. The five day workshop started on Saturday September 10, 2011 in the training hall of IMCK in Erbil. The twelve participants come from all over Iraq.

The training is a joint project of IMCK and the Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DC4MF). It is meant to provide Iraqi TV with staff that can make info graphics, thus enhancing the quality of the Iraqi  media.
The workshop is the start of a more regular cooperation between IMCK and DC4MF, as the latter intends to reach out to Iraqi media through IMCK.

Ceasare Schuit is an experience TV editor who specialized in making info graphics. He is secunded by IMCK co-trainer Ako Mohammed.


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