Oil is Money Prize

At the IMCK offices three Kurdish journalists were awarded a prize for best stories on oil related issues. The Oil is Money Prize was the finale of the project IMCK did with Open Society Intitute to improve the knowledge of Kurdish journalists (and thus of Kurdish readers/viewers) on the subject.

After the Oil workshop IMCK offered in March 2011, the participants were invited to keep posted on a special Facebook page, and to meet two times with trainer Ben Lando (of Iraqi Oil Report) and some experts. All participants were invited to send in stories for the Prize.

The jury consisted of Asos Hardi (director of Awene Newspaper), Khaled Sulaiman (Editor in Chief of Haftana magazine), Ben Lando (Iraqi Oil Report) and Judit Neurink (director IMCK). They choose the three best stories out of a dozen that were sent in. The prize ceremony took place on July 31, 2011.

The winner is Aran Sidia from Hawler Newspaper, with a story about the results of oil production for the environment.

Second prize went to Shaxawan Nasih, who as a freelancer published a story in Awene newspaper about gas that is wasted in Kirkuk. Third price went to Ara Ibrahim who published a story in Hawlati newspaper about decisions taken by parliament concerning the oil production that were ignored by the Kurdistan Ministry of Oil.


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