Talkradio in Duhok

How to use live comments of listeners and still be able to structure the program? That is the main question international trainer Joris van de Kerkhof is covering during a 3 day workshop on Talkradio in Duhok। The training started on Tuesday April 5, 2011. Presenters and reporters from different radiostations in Duhok take part.

Talkradio is popular with radiostations in Kurdistan, because it is simple and cheap. Listeners are invited to phone in, but presenters need more skills and information to be able to stay in charge of the program. During the workshop the participants will also practice interviewing.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with Duhok University and the Badinan Foundation.


sheena boll said…
Wow I like this. wanderfull Dhoul post.Thanks for share this post

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