Training for Assaish resumed

The workshops IMCK organized for the Sulaymania security police (Asaish) were cancelled until further notice due to safety precautions in the city. After two days Mirek Wodzik was able to resume his training.

Wodzik will provide one-day workshops on how the police should work with media. During the 20 workshops in total, the trainer will discuss the role press, police and politicians in a democracy. Yahya Barzinji, Kurdish journalist, working for the independent newspaper Awena, will talk about the role of the journalists.

Four workshops will be done in Sulaymania city, the rest of the days the trainer will go to different places of Sulaymania province, as Halabja, Rania and Kalar. Ten workshops will take place in Erbil.

This training is funded by the Open Society Institute


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