Assaish workshops ended

With a visit of the German consul in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Stefan Bantle, IMCK international trainer Mirek Wodzik finished a first series of workshops for assaish. On February 12, 2011 he instructed a group of young policemen in Erbil how to deal with media.

Ako Mohammed, the editor in chief of Rudaw, joined the workshop to talk to the assaish members about the problems between press and police. Mohammed took over from AP photographer Yahya Barzinji, who took this role in the workshops Mirek conducted in the past 12 days. They did workshops in Sulaymaniya, Rania, Kalar, Halabja and Erbil, and talked to assaish members of Chamchamal and to officers in the IMCK mediacentre in Sulaymaniya.

Mirek will return shortly for a series of workshops on working with media for the assaish in Erbil, and possibly in Duhok.

The series is possible with funding of the Open Society Institute.


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