Training Kirkuk Now

Rommert Kruithof arrived on December 9 in Sulaymania to train the staff of Kirkuk Now, the independent news site which will bring news of the Kirkuk province, developed by IMCK. The site will be the first news outlet in Kirkuk that will bring unbiased news.

The first day Kruithof discussed the layout and content of the website with Shwan Mohamed, the consultant of Kirkuk Now.

The site will work with three editors, who will be trained for two days on how to work together and the basics of online journalism.

Thirteen reporters from Kiruk will work on freelance base for Kirkuk Now. Kruithof will provide a four day training on civil journalism. Another important aspect of the training is that the reporters get to know eachother and will work closely together.

Kirkuk Now is funded by Hivos and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgium.


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