Reporting on minorities

Fifteen print journalists from different ethnic and religious background started a workshop in Duhok on Reporting on Minorities. The training started on October 14, 2010 and will last for 5 days.

Trainer is Dutch journalist Bart Top, who is a specialist on reporting on minorities and started a magazine on minorities in Holland some years ago. His co-trainer is IMCK senior trainer Khidher Domle, locally know for his knowledge on the different minorities in Iraq.

The training will touch on taboos in reporting, responsible reporting, and reporting about other minorities than the group for which the journalist is reporting. Making people stories in stead of political or religious stories is also part of the workshop, which will be repeated for TV starting from October 21.

The workshops make use of the knowledge available in the group of participants. The main aim is to stimulate journalists to report in a responsible way about the different minorities in Iraq, and thus improve the unstanding between the groups.

The workshops are possible thanks to funding by the American RRT in Erbil.


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