Press and assaish in Erbil

Fifteen officers of the assaish (security police) in Erbil on August 7, 2010 started a new series of workshops of IMCK on working with the press. After 5 workshops of a day for assaish Sulaymaniya IMCK organised four one day workshops in Erbil.

Trainer Agnes Dinkelman, who trains and advises police in the Netherlands, confronted the policemen with situations and solutions, and with the difference of working in violent and wartime situations and at peace time. Press and police both have their role to play in a democracy. Journalist Ako Mohammed of Rudaw showed the the result of harsh treatment for journalists, and thus for the way the press reports.

This is the final phase of a pilot. IMCK intends to extend these workshops to cover most members of assaish in Iraqi Kurdistan.


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