Hawlati text editing half way

IMCK trainers Xdir Domle and Mariwan Hama Saeed briefed Hawlati chief Kamal Rauf and his deputy Kazhaw Jamal after two months of intensive training on text editing. The training focussed on improving the text editing process inside Hawlati, and started end of May 2010 on the job at the Hawlati office in Sulaymaniya.

The conclusion is that after two months important changes have been made, and that text editors understand what they need to be doing. Hardly any stories appear now in the paper without having been through the hands of a text editor. To make the process sustainable, Mariwan Hama Saeed will use the final two months of the project to help reshape the internal organisation, to make a planning for staff meetings and make a style book.

The project at Hawlati is made possible with funding of the Open Society Institute.


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