Water prize to Kurdsat item

Kurdsat TV-maker Hemen Amin was presented with the first prize in the contest of the Swedish organisations Qandil and Global Reporting, on reporting on water usage and wastage. His news item on the way people in Kurdistan waste water was chosen as the winner of the contest. He will visit Sweden this year as part of his prize.

The prize was the result of three workshops IMCK conducted with Global Reporting on the huge wastage of drinking water in Kurdistan.

A jury consisting of Ari Harsin (former head of Awene Erbil office and former IMCK trainer), Sabah Abdulrahman (Unami) and IMCK director Judit Neurink choose the three best out of 26 items and stories.

A second prize was for Ferman Abdurachman of Rozhnama newspaper, the third went to Asos Serawi of Awene newspaper.


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