Election workshop at IMCK

Belgian trainer Gie Meeuwis started the first of three workshops on election reporting at the traininghall of the IMCK in Sulaymaniya. The first day, on February 15, 2010, was attended by eleven journalists from different media.
Elections for a new Iraqi parliament will be held in the whole of Iraq on March 7.

Meeuwis is a TV-maker and teaches at one of the academies of journalism in the Netherlands. He has conducted election trainings for journalists in a number of foreign countries.

His co-trainer is Salam Omar Ibrahim, and translator is Ferman Fadhil. This workshop will be repeated twice, once more in Sulaymaniya and once in Irbil, on February 17.

The workshops are made possible with funding from the American RRT in Irbil and the UNDP. The High Committee of the Elections (IHEC) is participating by giving the journalists information on the legal and technical sides of the election process.


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