Wasit journalists again in Sulaymaniya

Journalists from Iraqi Wasit (Al-Kut) province returned to Sulaymaniya for the last phase of the 'press and politicians' project IMCK organised. They stayed for 4 days for a number of workshops, hosted by Al-Jazeera journalist Hassan Rachidi and IMCK senior trainer Xdir Domle, and visits to politicians and media in Sulaymaniya.

The workshops started on October 12, 2009. The journalists came to Kurdistan to meet up with politicians from Wasit who were also trained in this project, for a final conference on how press and politicians can work together. But for technical reasons their counterparts did not make the trip North.

In stead of the conference IMCK offered the journalists additional information on how to work responsibly, and arranged a press conference for them at the Head Office of the Change List in Sulaymaniya. Also visits to Kurdish media were organised.


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