News reportage in Baghdad

Sixteen journalists and correspondents from different papers and press agencies in Iraq gathered in the Melia Mansour in Baghdad for an IMCK-training on making a news reportage. The workshop started on August 15, 2009. In four days the journalists will be taught what news is, how to use sources, how to conduct a succesful interview and how to make a news reportage. The short news feature is a form of journalism not often used in Iraq.

For IMCK this is the first training in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Before now Iraqi journalists from the South came up to the Kurdish region to be trained, but IMCK wants to be able to reach more journalists. Senior trainer Judit Neurink is testing the waters to see if the situation in Baghdad has improved enough. She is working with co-trainer Kholoud al-Amiry, and translator Ahmed Jibouri who came with her from the IMCK office in Irbil.

The training is a joint activity with Simi, the Iraqi Irex-daughter working for Independent Media in Iraq.


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