Media bo Khalq has started

August 1rst, 2009 saw the start of Media bo Khalq, Al-I'elam lil nass, Media for People, the post graduate training in journalism of IMCK. The Kurdish minister of Culture Falahadin Kakei opened the training of young Iraqi graduates, together with minister of Foreign Relations of KRG, Falah Mustafa.

While Mr Kakei talked about his past as a journalist, Mr Mustafa called the 'encouragement of a professional and free press one of the key facets' to the Kurdish social process. ,,The KRG fully believes in supporting and encouraging the establishment of a free and professional media in the Kurdistan Region'', he said.

,,Also in the US it took generations before there were good journalists'', Andrew Snow, the US Embassy Regional Reconstruction Team leader told the audience of diplomats, press and trainees. ,,Press Now is proud to be supporting the IMCK and thus Media bo Khalq'', director Leon Willems said. They joined the two Kurdish ministers in the opening session.

In the morning around twenty young graduates started the training, which will last for 8 months and takes place in Irbil. The training still has space for a few more participants. IMCK expects to welcome those in the coming week.

The news of the day came from the British consul Jeremy Macadie and his deputy Beverly Simpson, as the British will join in financing the training, next to the Americans, the Dutch and the Kurdish prime minister.


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