Journalists from Wasit at IMCK

Twenty journalists from Wasit came to Sulaymaniya for a training of a week on how to report on politics. The workshop started at August 4 and will end at August 11, 2009, at the IMCK traininghall.

The workshop is part of the Wasit-project to bring together journalists and politicians working in Wasit (Al-Kut, South of Iraq). Journalists will be trained in political reporting, but also at the same time in basic journalistic skills. Their counterparts, politicians and officials, did the other side of the workshop last month in Irbil.

Trainers are Erwin Buter, who worked as a parliamentary reporter in The Hague, and Hassan Rachidi, who works for Al-Jazeera satellite channel. Buter trains the print journalists, Al-Rachidi is in charge of the TV colleagues.

The Wasit project will end in October with a conference for both journalists and politicians, on how to work together for their people. The project is made possible through funding from the American reconstruction team.


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