Workshop for politicians from Wassit

Politicians and civil servants from Wassit (Al-Kut) traveled to Irbil for workshops on the relation between politicians and the press. Four trainers from the Netherlands will brief them on how important a good relation is between press and politicians, and how to get their message across. During the week they are staying in Irbil this group of 17 people from the Iraqi province of Wassit will also be in contact with Kurdish colleagues.

Trainers are Gerrit Valk and Rian van Dam, who are conducting two workshops on the importance of improving the relationship with the press to reach out to the voters. Valk is on his fourth visit to Iraq. Rommert Kruithof and Liesbeth Groenendijk are giving all the participants a media training of a day, in which they are taught how to get their message across. Kruithof is on his sixth visit to Iraq. Both have done these trainings extensively for politicians, CEO's and top managers in the Netherlands.

The workshops are mirrored on a similar project IMCK has for the Kurdish parliament, and is paid for by the American reconstruction fund.


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